Missing In Action

Alright, I’m sure the first thing everyone is saying right now is where in the world is Karman (insert your own San Diego line here)?  So yes, I’ve been MIA, more than MIA.  While there is no good excuse, there is a reason.

I’ve been running aroung getting my design business moving while figuring out and researching how best to utilize all the “new media” tools that we all have access to these days.  As for my business, I’ve spent the last month networking like crazy, leveraging my 15 minutes of fame to help grow my business.  So what have you done you ask?  Well, I’ve:

  • Started a Google Adwords campaign (feel free to search for my ads but please don’t click through – I’ve got a small budget and every click costs me!)
  • Gotten acquainted with all the services and events of the SF Design Center and begun to attend events regularly
  • Attended numerous “industry” events at Limn, Kartell, Chronicle Books, etc. and made a bunch of “good to know” contacts
  • Entered the California Home + Design “Reader’s Kitchen Contest” (despite the best efforts of my friends and family I sadly did not win this one)
  • Called old contacts I made before to tell them about our my award and my services (big shout out to Allondra at DWR, Lafayette and Douglas at Kartell, SF for their support)

Phew!  So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month of so, and why I’ve been neglecting my blog… but no more.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve also been benchmarking and researching other “design-type” blogs on the net, and determined that blogging, and social media in general, is the wave of the future (duh!), and one of the easiest, most affordable and most effective ways to grow a business.  For example, one blog inspired me is the one by designer Tobi Fairley (http://tobifairley.com/blog/).  According to her blog, and as evidenced by her success, her blog has been a key driver of new business and publicity for her.  Her blog has gotten her in publications, inquiries from furniture manufacturers, speaking arrangements, and project opportunities including for a possible hotel!!!  Wow, now that is what I WANT.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is hugely talented as well – who knew that I could be a fan of a designer featured in Traditional Home magazine?

So for the past month I’ve taken my LinkedIn and Facebook activity to the next level, and earlier this week I even signed up for Twitter, which I’m very much enjoying so far (@karmanng or for those who don’t understand twitter lingo http://twitter.com/karmanng).  Of course, as the branding nazi, I am now working on making all these properties not only cross-reference but also articulate the same messaging.  Setting all this up is one thing, but updating it regularly, or everyday, or several times a day???  This social media stuff is no joke!

And that leads me back to my blog.  Over the past month, I haven’t forgotten about it but have been afraid of it, for lack of a better term.  I was too worried on crafting perfect entries instead of just being out there in the blogosphere.  I’ve come to realize that there is no perfect entry – blogging is just conversation and conversations are imperfect.  Some are long, some are short, some are substantive, some mean nothing.  That said, I an hoping to take the pressure off myself and just start writing.

So everyone, I am back – inspired and ready to rock and roll.  In fact, either tonight or tomorrow, I have another huge entry planned inspired by a couple of events I attended recently… so stayed tuned and as any good social networker would say “PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!”


About Cantilever Design

Designs for Modern Luxury is a blog by Karman Ng, principal of Cantilever Design, an award-winning interior design firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Always reading, researching and reveling in “the best of design” for himself and his clients, Karman began his blog as a way to share his thoughts and finds-from furniture to fashion to food. Karman hopes his blog fosters dialogue and sharing of design-related products, news, tips, ideas and secrets so that everyone can enjoy a little bit more modern luxury in their lives. For more information about Cantilever Design, visit http:///www.cantilever-design.com or follow Karman at http://twitter.com/karmanng.
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