The Bachelor Pod


So I was reading an interesting story in yesterday’s New York Times about the “Decline and Fall of the Bachelor Pad.”  To summarize, the recession, particularly in New York where swank bachelor pads were de rigeur among the banker boys, has wiped out many of those said spaces as many guys are either still unemployed or being more prudent with what money they have left or are making now.  So instead of ultra-cool, these new spaces are ultra-small, and often house more than one bachelor.

The most interesting guy profiled in the story was an architect who’s managed to make lemonade out his lemons.  He shares a small 900 square foot open loft with a friend, which normally would pose problems for most roommates not only because of the diminutive size but also the lack of privacy.  I mean how can this be a bachelor pad if you don’t have the space and seclusion to practice your bachelor-ness?


So the guy used his architectural background to create 8′ x 6′ “pods” out of two by fours and plywood.  Each pod is essentially a a fully enclosed bed frame as the entire floor is covered by a mattress.  Amenities include a Plexiglas ceiling to allow in natural light, integral reading lamps, operable doors on every wall, and casters for mobility.  The total cost for each pod was a reasonable $500.

I have to say that I think this design is quite brilliant.  Here is an affordable, flexible and modern solution to the problems of living in a loft with a roommate.  Although the pod could be seen as a bit claustraphoic, I think it would be cozy personally.  The natural wood glows warmly when lit up at night, but if you want a more refined look a punchy paint job or wall covering could look amazing.  Placing the pods on casters is ingenious too, allowing for great portability; when you have company, you can just glide your pod across the concrete floor to the far side of the loft and remind your roommate to “don’t come a knock’n when the pod’s a rock’n.”


My mind is racing with all the other things you could do with your pod: accent lighting, mounted flat-panel TV, built-in surorund sound, flip-down table, wall and paint treatments for the inside and out, mirrors, pillows,…. I mean if this is truly a bachelor pod, you need the tools of the trade: “Hey, let’s watch a movie in my pod…”  Wow, this would be a lot of fun to design.

While I wouldn’t trade my space-bounty for space deprivation, I love what this guy has done and relish the chance  to work on one, if not for me, maybe a client.  Given the proliferation of lofts, hopefully someday I can pull this neat design out of my back pocket and build one.  I guess I just need to find a bachelor client and sell him on the idea.  But according to the architect the pods meet a key bachelor criterion: they’re “a tool for seduction.”  I guess my sales pitch won’t be to difficult then…


The link to the original article and the architect’s website:


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