A Design Aficianado’s Guide to Modern Baby Cribs

When my daughter was born five years ago, the modern baby furniture movement was nascent. As much as I tried to do something modern for her room, the furniture choices were almost non-existent.  In the end, I ended up putting together a great room for her, but something more Phillipe Starck meets Rachel Ashwell than Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Since then, I’ve seen the modern baby movement develop and flourish.  The options available to parents today are amazing.  In fact, I think one could easily be overwhelmed with the choices.  So, prompted by a Design Public email I received a few days ago that introduced me to Spot on Square’s Roh Crib, my personal favorite, I did some research and developed my own personal list of “best modern bassinets and cribs.”

To assist parents out there decide which is best for them, I’ve even tried to translate your personal style into the best baby crib for you.  See which crib is perfect for you based on what modern furniture and designers you “like”.  Regardless of which of these cribs you choose, your nursery will be well on its way to looking like the modern nest your baby deserves.

Model: BE Mini Cradle + Desk

Qualities: Futuristic aesthetic, multi-purpose design, bright colors

Like: Kartell

Model: e27 Re-Babe Rocking Cradle

Qualities: Minimal design, ultra- slim profile, wicker surfaces

Like: Poul Kjaerholm’s PK22 Wicker Easy Chair

Model: OFFI Nest Bassinet

Qualities: Modern angles, bent plywood construction, slim Eiffel tower-like feet

Likes: Eames

Model: Monte Design Ninna-Nanna Bassinet

Qualities: Simple lines, substantial profile, sturdy construction

Like: Armani Casa

Model: Babybox Crib

Qualities: Convertible design, monochromatic white color scheme, linear aesthetic

Like: George Nelson Platform Bench

Model: Baby Bloom Alma Crib

Qualities: Functional accordion design, minimal aesthetic, utilitarian quality

Like: Jasper Morrison Air Chair

Model: ducduc Alex Crib

Qualities: Edgy graphics, arresting colors, rock star quality

Like: Blu Dot or Magis

Model: ducduc Austin Crib

Qualities: Minimalist design, classic lines, refined details

Like: Mie van de Rohe’s Barcelona Chair

Model: ducduc Campaign Crib

Qualities: Signature trestle-style base, rustic-looking wood, contrasting details

Like: Ralph Lauren Home

Model: Kalon Studios Bamboo ioLine Crib

Qualities: Unique bamboo wood, craftsman aesthetic, intricate details

Like: Charles Mackintosh’s Willow Lounge Chair or Frank Lloyd Wright architecture

Model: Litto Kid Lunar Crib

Qualities: Chinoiserie-inspired details, contrasting colors, clean lines

Like: Kelly Wearstler

Model: Nurseryworks Spindle Crib

Qualities: Contrast of new and old styles, metal legs, French-inspired design

Like: Phillipe Stark’s Louis Ghost Chair

Model: Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Qualities: Mid-century details, vintage color, low profile

Like: George Nakashima

Model: OFFI Nest Crib

Qualities: Sophisticated design, slim metal legs, expansive veneer

Like: B&B Italia or Minotti

Model: Oeuf Classic Crib

Qualities: Danish-inspired design, light wood, simple lines

Like: Hans Wegner or Arne Jacobsen

Model: Spot on Square Roh Crib

Qualities: Substantial wood construction, sexy acrylic front panel, refined design

Like: John Houshmand or Hudson Furniture

Model: Nurseryworks Studio Crib

Qualities: Block-wood design, multi-purpose quality, asymmetrical details

Like: De La Espada

About Cantilever Design

Designs for Modern Luxury is a blog by Karman Ng, principal of Cantilever Design, an award-winning interior design firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Always reading, researching and reveling in “the best of design” for himself and his clients, Karman began his blog as a way to share his thoughts and finds-from furniture to fashion to food. Karman hopes his blog fosters dialogue and sharing of design-related products, news, tips, ideas and secrets so that everyone can enjoy a little bit more modern luxury in their lives. For more information about Cantilever Design, visit http:///www.cantilever-design.com or follow Karman at http://twitter.com/karmanng.
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3 Responses to A Design Aficianado’s Guide to Modern Baby Cribs

  1. rodolfo says:

    I truly loved reading this post, keep creating more like this.

  2. designRomp says:

    What a great selection! The Spot on Square Roh Crib is the first I’ve seen to use acrylic this way – truly innovative, sleek and practical – love it.

  3. Ruth Lee says:

    I love the nurseryworks Studio Crib… thank you for the selection!

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