Press Alert: Cantilever Design in Nesting Newbies Magazine

At the DIFFA event last Fall we met the editors of a new, amazing online magazine called Nesting Newbies.  This innovative magazine:

“combines a traditional magazine format with the new social media trend of original online videos and blogs to present a cross-platform experience for “nesting newbies,” the site’s target audience of those who are new to nesting and have no clue when it comes to cooking, entertaining, and decorating. Cooking and decorating enthusiasts will also enjoy the original ideas being presented.”

Aside from focusing on three areas that I am passionate about, the look, feel and reader experience of this magazine is fantastic, nothing like the start-up that it is.  It reads like a cross between Gourmet, Martha Stewart and Elle Decor but with a softer aesthetic – not bad company to be in.  I love how reading it is like really reading a magazine.  I also love how they are targeting young, professional couples and helping them add some “modern luxury” to their lives.

There article about what we did was comprehensive and flattering, and even mentioned this blog! Best of all, it really articulates what we tried to do at DIFFA – “Shoestring Luxe”.  I am happy that they are helping demystify how we made our table look luxe without the high cost, through some DIY hardwork and Home Depot lol.  Enjoy the article here!  (We are featured on pages 76-79)

Magazine photos by Dean Birinyi

About Cantilever Design

Designs for Modern Luxury is a blog by Karman Ng, principal of Cantilever Design, an award-winning interior design firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Always reading, researching and reveling in “the best of design” for himself and his clients, Karman began his blog as a way to share his thoughts and finds-from furniture to fashion to food. Karman hopes his blog fosters dialogue and sharing of design-related products, news, tips, ideas and secrets so that everyone can enjoy a little bit more modern luxury in their lives. For more information about Cantilever Design, visit http:/// or follow Karman at
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2 Responses to Press Alert: Cantilever Design in Nesting Newbies Magazine

  1. andrea says:

    I came here from the link at Nesting Newbies looking for more on the table settings. (It says in their article that more info can be found here.) You may want to put a link here to your article. I would love to look through the blog to find it, but it won’t happen today 🙂 Otherwise, great tablescape and even better concept! I am interested in learning more about how the materials used were eco (sustainable). I will check back here for sure when I have more time!

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